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Bordeaux, France, 2022

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Nantes, 2022 happy new year with summer in mind

a virtual eclipse

Bordeaux, 2023

between A and B

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I was born on July 28, 1972, in Timisoara, Romania. I am an artist and designer, currently living and working in Bordeaux, France since 2008. You can access my professional website at


my projects

The series presented here shed light on my current concerns, seeking to identify visual patterns that recur, to varying degrees, and sometimes almost obsessively, in each series. The context in which the subject is seen is crucial.

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What cultural and personal associations does the viewer establish with the object? How do these factors influence the way the subject is perceived and interpreted? Generally, visual patterns are used to create a sense of order, balance, and harmony in a design, or conversely, to convey a feeling of chaos, movement, or energy. In some cases, visual patterns can also be used to convey meaning or symbolize ideas. How can these reference points be manifested and destabilized?

Similar to the recurring motif of water (Cloud stories, Glassworks of Elena or Shapes of water), which serves as both backdrop and actor in my work, foreground objects and background subjects alternate, exchanging their positions, merging within the lens. The viewer’s process of identification stumbles, and the elements become polymorphic, embracing different dimensions, unfamiliar shadows, and reflections, as seen in the series Could be on Mars. A new narrative can then emerge.

Thus, playing with distance, circling around the object (The Corselet, Monkey Mind), traversing patterns of representation can produce the indecipherable, the familiar, a loss of meaning, or a new configuration of reference points. Looking closely, observing from afar, being in the midst of movement (Between A&B), encountering reflections (Blend in, Reflected events), the reversals, and the doubles of reality (Light just beyond red). My photography practice continuously challenges the certainties of perception, both in the abstraction of form and in the identification of figures.


cloud stories project

Collaborative Project For accurate results, participation is crucial. I aim to collaborate with anyone who wants to imagine using cloud photos. Using a limited range of clouds is important for a richer...

light just beyond red Brebu Nou (Weidenthal), Romania, 2006 IR Hoya R72 filter, Nikon D70

recovered memory

This archive rather contains the period 1989 – 1997, when I was studying at the Ion Andreescu Academy of Fine Arts in Cluj, a city that gradually became my new “home”.

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Almost every one of the images on this website can be printed, some in 2 different formats and a limited number, others can be downloaded directly and used with a license depending on the use. If you are interested in a specific image, please fill in the print or license form. Printing and shipping time for prints is approximately 3 weeks and depending on the destination. At this moment, the payment and image acquisition mode is not active. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me.

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In case the image received at the destination does not meet your original requirements, a refund can be requested within 21 days, or a replacement image can be provided.

how is made

Archival pigment print. This work is part of a limited edition set. The work will arive an a carton tube with all the requeted detail and no frame. The production and distribution in print format will be provided by Lebolabo, the company details and mach more format request you will find here:

paper tipe

The paper can be chosen depending on the context and has two different finishes, matte paper (Agip) and briliant paper (Barrita prestige)

sizes & formats

Images can be purchased in two formats, and two sizes.

commission work

I cover public and personal events, provide images for editorials, documentaries, theatre, and dance performances, backstage images, music videos, and brand stories.


The images obtained from any of the aforementioned processes are all rights reserved, and their usage is specified in a contract made with the agreement of both parties. If you are interested in a personalised story in video or animated form, you can check my professional website at

I have worked for :

TED X, Bordeaux, France / Fédération Française du Bâtiment Gironde, France / NODE, portraits and interviews, Bordeaux, France / Lectra, Cestas, France / La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux, interviews / Puppetmastaz, Backstage events, Bordeaux  / Clandestino, Radio brand illustrations, Bucharest, Romania / Cliniclowns, photography session, Bucharest, Romania / Alexandru Matei, “Buna, ce faci?” ( Hi, how are you? ) Movie backstage photography session, Bucharest, Romania /  Mike Altrin (Mihai Negrutiu), music video.