I was born on July 28, 1972, in Timisoara, Romania. I am an artist and designer, currently living and working in Bordeaux, France since 2008.

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I grew up in the heart of the avant-garde art scene in this city in western Romania, as my parents were part of the SIGMA group and practiced a unique teaching methodology in art schools. This artistic practice at the intersection of mathematics, science, and philosophy deeply influenced my perception of reality. From the friendly presence of Stefan Bertalan to painting classes with Constantin Flondor, from Doru Tulcan’s experiments during the constructivist period to simple games with balloons or colored sticks, everything was transformed by an artistic gesture with a radically new creative intention.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Romanian political system in the 1970s and 1980s, the Ion Vidu Art High School in Timisoara provided a crucial space for artistic experimentation. The teachings and practices of the SIGMA group served as a central reference point for me in the specific context of that time. This enclave of normality was perhaps a remedy for many of us, facing the alienation induced by Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorial regime, which I witnessed until its abrupt collapse in 1989. At the intersection of these different elements, between constraints and liberation, experimentation and openness, my artistic practice was forged, carrying forward some of these legacies while refuting others.

my project

The series presented here shed light on my current concerns, seeking to identify visual patterns that recur, to varying degrees and sometimes almost obsessively, in each series. The context in which the subject is seen is crucial.

What cultural and personal associations does the viewer establish with the object? How do these factors influence the way the subject is perceived and interpreted? Generally, visual patterns are used to create a sense of order, balance, and harmony in a design, or conversely, to convey a feeling of chaos, movement, or energy. In some cases, visual patterns can also be used to convey meaning or symbolize ideas. How can these reference points be manifested and destabilized?

Similar to the recurring motif of water (Cloud stories, Glassworks of Elena, Shapes of water), which serves as both backdrop and actor in my work, foreground objects and background subjects alternate, exchanging their positions, merging within the lens. The viewer’s process of identification stumbles, and the elements become polymorphic, embracing different dimensions,unfamiliar shadows, and reflections, as seen in the series Could be on Mars. A new narrative can then emerge. Thus, playing with distance, circling around the object (The Corselet, the Monkey Mind), traversing patterns of representation can produce the indecipherable, the familiar, a loss of meaning, or a new configuration of reference points. Looking closely, observing from afar, being in the midst of movement (Between A&B), encountering reflections (Blend in, Walking on bubble gum), the reversals, and the doubles of reality (Light just beyond red)… My photography practice continuously challenges the certainties of perception, both in the abstraction of form and in the identification of figures.

expositions, experience and training 

2008 Show off – (Berlin, Germany)

2008 Show off – Fiac (Paris, France)

2007 Exposition “Oh, sorry!”, Ivan Gallery (Bucharest, Romania)


1996 – 2023  Partner in Rasterpoint company ( started in Romania, Bordeaux, France )

1998 – 2001  Motion designer at Pro TV,  private television ( Bucharest, Romania )

1997 – 1998  Motion designer at  Prima TV, private television ( Bucharest, Romania )

1996 – 1997  Motion designer at TVR, national television ( Cluj Napoca, Romania )

1996 – 1997  Advanced Studies Diploma in motion design, Ioan Andreescu Academy of Art ( Cluj Napoca, Romania )

1990 – 1996  Graphic Design, Ioan Andreescu Academy of Art ( Cluj Napoca, Romania )

1986 – 1990  Baccalaureate, Ioan Vidu High School of Art ( Timișoara, Romania )