cloud stories project

The story of clouds, a dynamic study of their copyright-free form. Children are invited to engage their imagination in tracing the outline of these shapes, projecting what they see in them, the figures they recognize and envision. The subjectivities of each individual are expressed in a unique way, opening up a space for creation for the youngest through a participatory practice that can unfold endlessly. (When eyes touch clouds).

Collaborative Project

For accurate results, participation is crucial. I aim to collaborate with anyone who wants to imagine using cloud photos. Using a limited range of clouds is important for a richer interpretation based on culture and age. Mandatory elements: name, age, country; details can be expanded. Participant images will be shared with their approval. They might be mixed with the original cloud photo, based on details provided. Copyright of the final drawing (without cloud image) stays with the author. I can publish on this site, crediting full name or initials. Print publishing rights are open for discussion. Contact using form, specifying (for cloud stories project).

Projection results can be seen in the drawings below.

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