The series explores the loss of significance through the excessive use of symbols or cultural symbols. The series depicts the overlapping effect of personal projections onto reality and the balance between what things are and what they represent. The selection of elements in the series, such as clouds, icons, and human figures, was deliberately limited to convey a simplified message. The excessive use of these elements leads to their transformation into stereotypes.

The cloud represents an element that generates images, often excessively used in public communication, allowing individuals to project their imagination. On the other hand, the icon symbolizes standardization, with personal variations often being lost in favor of simplicity. The work questions the formation and manipulation of symbols, employing satire and controversy. Black and white photography was chosen to emphasize the contrast between values and reflect on the manipulation of values in different contexts. Overall, the series raises questions about the role of symbols in society.

The series of photographs was created as part of a diploma project at the Ion Andreescu Academy of Art in Cluj Napoca in 1996.

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