Protected: Teremia Mare, Romania, 1983

“The Camps of Teremia Mare” is a project I am currently working on in my free time, where I try to gather as much material as possible. The photo gallery is part of my father’s archive, Doru Tulcan, negatives that I accidentally discovered in a drawing block full of diplomas (probably for naturalisation) sent by my parents from Romania to France. Here is the first edition from 1983 in which all the mentioned individuals participated. It is possible that texts from catalogs mentioning the event may also appear. One very important thing is to mention Coriolan Babeti, one of the organizers of this event.

Creation Camp, Arts, and Letters Teremia Mare,

Romania 1st Edition, October 1983

Participants:Adriana Babeți (writer) Anghel Dumbrăveanu Anca Augusta (lady of culture, organizer) Alexandru Chira Andreea Flondor Coriolan Babeți (organizer and art critic) Călin Beloescu (artist) Constantin Flondor (artist) Diodor Dure (artist) Dora Stănescu (?) Doru Tulcan (artist) Elena Tulcan (artist) Emerich Robicsek (photographer) Eugen Banciu (writer) Mihai Drișcu (art historian) Nichita Stănescu (writer) Samson Horst Sanda Flondor Sorin Dumitrescu (artist) Toma Viorel (writer)


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