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I cover public and personal events, provide images for editorials, documentaries, theatre, and dance performances, backstage images, music videos, and brand stories. The images obtained from any of the aforementioned processes are all rights reserved, and their usage is specified in a contract made with the agreement of both parties. If you are interested in a personalised story in video or animated form, you can check my professional website at


I have worked for TED X, Bordeaux, France / Fédération Française du Bâtiment Gironde, France / NODE, portraits and interviews, Bordeaux, France / Lectra, Cestas, France / La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux, interviews / Puppetmastaz, Backstage events, Bordeaux  / Clandestino, Radio brand illustrations, Bucharest, Romania / Cliniclowns, photography session, Bucharest, Romania / Alexandru Matei, “Buna, ce faci?” ( Hi, how are you? ) Movie backstage photography session, Bucharest, Romania /  Mike Altrin (Mihai Negrutiu), music video.

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